Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 384

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Thank you all for your comments - we are continueing to film more classes so will take into consideration all your requests.
great workout - we are having a 30 day challenge at our studio in NY and this is the day 2 workout for those at home! Great cues.
I love this - a 30 day challenge! Thank you for including my workout. I know everyone will win from this one...
Nothing like a great classical class to remind you of the power of Joe's original work. I've been hooked on the fuse dance and barre classes lately which are really fun, but I realize I need to be doing classical mat work a few times a week to keep it real! How about a 30 minute version of the same class, maybe fewer reps and less set up? Thank you Niedra!
Hi Suzie,
I love this idea - next time I film I will create a 30 minute workout.
Niedra, I live in a rural area so I don't have access to a studio. I went through your beginning series and learned so much. Your style of teaching is so clear and gentle for those of us who are really trying but have a lot to learn. This is a great class, thank you.
H iKatherine, so glad you are enjoying the class and learning. Keep up with training - the wonders of the internet are that even people like yourself who cannot get to a studio can now train and learn - this is wonderful
This is the best class YET! This teacher is fast paced, informative and covered every muscle unit. A thorough class (including stomach work which often gets ignored); time really flew by and I feel energized and tighter! Thank you xoxo
Yay Dawn, You sound like a "power house" of a student. Glad you liked working hard and fast.
Dawn! I thought you'd love Niedra! Yay!!
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