Awareness Mat<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 3856

Awareness Mat
Gia Calhoun
Class 3856

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I like the class a lot; short and effective...thank you Gia
Your way of teaching really allows me to tune in and focus on the details, thank you. 
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I love your voice. So calming. Great short class series.. great job x
Lisette-Anne I agree with you. All of Gia's classes are like that for me too. 
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Thank you all! 
Mary A
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Lina S
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Nice workout with the magic circle. I've liked the hundred variation as well as the challenging criss cross variation.
Lina That's one of my favorite ways to work the obliques!
Dena M
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This was a great workout. I like having an option for getting in an effective yet fast Pilates workout.  Thanks!
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Lovely class, tough little abdominal section yet you managed to talk!!!!!👏🏼
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