Unwinding and Releasing<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 3861

Unwinding and Releasing
Gia Calhoun
Class 3861

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Bandana S
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This was a great way to release tension in the upper body after a week of being at a computer non-stop. Thank you!
Bandana I know how you feel! Moving is a great way to release tension!
Helen E
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What a lovely class, did this after my daily walk in lockdown London on a beautiful sunny Sunday where I could hear the birdsong so clearly. It was the perfect wrap up to my day.
Lesia K
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Gia Calhoun, your classes are my favorite. Love the cues, the focus on the breath, and your sequences. And more than anything, I'm thankful there's a Pilates instructor out there who knows what it's like to have tight hips! You're the first teacher who doesn't try to make me place my leg parallel in pigeon pose. I feel like I've been tortured for years! Until you, of course. ;) 
I'm so glad that I was able to help you, Lesia! I've never been able to have my leg parallel in pigeon either and it can feel like torture if it's forced! Tight hips have always been something I've had to work on so I know exactly how you feel!
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Have never used this piece of equipment only the foam roller, must purchase. This was a lovely session Gia , you have a gentle manner of instructing and very concise...loved it. Tight hip is my bug bearer so thanks for sharing
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Great session 👍🇩🇰
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Thank you Gia! Your calm and beautiful voice makes this class and series a great one.
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very nice thank you gia
Amy S
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Very relaxing!
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