Cueing for Success<br>Carrie Pages<br>Workshop 3870

Cueing for Success
Carrie Pages
Workshop 3870

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Very smart & useful workshop! I would love more workshops from you, Carrie!
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Thanks so much, Jodi!  I'm so glad you found it helpful!
Thank you so much for putting this together! It was really helpful to see what you were talking about on the four different bodies. I now have some new tools for working with my clients. I was looking for some new ways to give feedback during my ongoing group classes (3 people). The challenge I always find is keeping the class moving while giving meaningful feedback for each individual. Thank you for the insight -- I will sprinkle it in as much as I can!
Jen U
Hi Carrie!  Thanks for a great workshop.  I learned some new ways to cue and think about things.  I have some observations I was wondering if you could address.  Michelle seemed to have a lot of hyperextension in her knees throughout some of the moves.  It especially noticed it around 1:30ish when she is seated up against the box and is doing the ankle work.  I know the emphasis here was maintaining flexion in her ankles but how might you cue to correct the hyperextension here?  I felt this was also the case with her when you had the stick under her legs for footwork earlier on.  I often use a "pull the kneecaps" up cue for straightening the legs and avoiding hyperextension. It's really hard for people who naturally hyperextend.  Thanks for keeping things fresh.  You have a wonderful energy in your teaching and I hope to meet you in person one day!
Sandra B
Loved, loved this workshop! I'm a bossy talker, and it made me feel soo good to hear a veteran instructor say it is ok.
I love your attention to details! Will definitely use some of what I learned here. 
More like this, please!
Rebound Pilates
I was uncomfortable watching her with demonstrating the Swan with Michelle.  Jodi all of a sudden called her "girl" and referred to her hair as a "fun prop." Not cool
Rebound Pilates ~ Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry that your experience was uncomfortable during this section. I can assure you that Carrie and Mychele are friends and she was interacting with her in a way that they typically do. Also, Carrie is from North Carolina, and phrases like "girl" are very common in the south, especially when talking to friends. We never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome and we are always striving to make sure we are doing our best in this area.
Rebound Pilates
Still doesn't make it right. Thank you for responding.
Kelly S
I really enoy making use of the foam roller as well!  One question for the wall exercise with the roller:
Do I want them to have the curve of the lumbar on when they ar just preparing?  My instinctive answer is no, I would like it to be like the cervical-slightly off- but like "rolling like a ball", it would be flattening until the client rolls BACK to "neutral" on the roller.  Is that correct?
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Kelly S Hi Kelly!  If you're referring to the exercise with the Foam Roller on the wall along the length of the body, the yes.  I would prep or start the exercise trying to attain neutral of the cervical and lumbar spine.  As the client begins to move through those areas they would eventually make contact with the roller.  I hope this helps!
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