Your Ideal Teacher Self<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3873

Your Ideal Teacher Self
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3873

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Misty M
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The first part of this was a little painful. It was difficult for me to list who was a positive impact.  When I reviewed what I'd written, the examples were more neutral. It made me realize how much I really am feeling un inspired and lacking a true champion or mentor. I need to fix that. Loved that the blueprint! That was easy. I know my teaching style and what makes unique; how I want to approaching teaching. Putting it in writing will help me in my search for the right studio to work from and base to describe what can bring to a client that differs from another teacher. Thank you!
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It’s very interesting to explore how different teachers have made me feel- and how immediately I can still access those  feelings of either coming out of class feeling ‘a million dollars - let me share this’ or ‘useless- how can I ever teach others’.  My blue print is to be affirming; welcoming and encouraging and I will go kill ANTS if any doubts try to creep in. Thank you Niedra - for inspiring all of us
Judith H
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I am quiet a new teacher and know im a good but the selfdoubt that have is  being killed in these video. Thanks
Flavia D
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This series of videos comes at the very right time, in a couple of weeks where there have been ANTS everywhere! Also, I too can't really say that I have a mentor or an inspiring teacher (even though there are a a few I follow online who I truly like), and that doesn't help because it's harder to create your blueprint without that starting point. What helped was having a clear pic of what type of teacher I don't want to be! based on my training experience. I have to put some thoughts into this and expand the vision. I need to "force" myself focusing on this and not letting the ants take over. Sending love to everyone in this journey.
Niedra Gabriel
Flavia,Christina,Lina and Misty, Thank you.  I read your posts with great interest and have a suggestion. If you feel you do NOT have any examples of mentors to lift you up ( can happen): First, once you have a list of qualities you did NOT like in a teacher, what are the opposite qualities?   Use your imagination.     If you can imagine it you can create it.   Who or what has uplifted or inspired you? 
Maybe it was Peter Pan - the little boy who never wanted to grow up...  Or Einstein, the genius who was told he was stupid in school ( far out examples you can use if they lift your spirits up.) what kind of teacher would these characters be?  This ideal does not have to be a "real"  part of your life, it exists inside you, as a dream or a deep yearning.   Open up BIGGER than logic.  what would "the best teacher in the world be like?"  
Niedra Gabriel
 I know we are adults and have learned to be realistic but greatness is outside the box as is happiness and joy - enjoy, and use imagination if your real life is not enough....
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Niedra Gabriel this is magic! I've committed to what you've suggested doing - writing and going back to my writing, feeling the positive emotion in my body with my eyes closed and yesterday entering the studio with the intentions that I had when I originally set out to be a Pilates teacher. I have been keeping way too many ANTS as pets (lol!) recently - it's funny as I've had two different people I trust comment on my stubbornness lately which I think is related to my holding onto ANTS! - and today was the first day I was able to let that go.  I can't tell you how valuable an exercise it's been to revisit those wonderful women who inspired me in the very beginning and to distill from them the qualities that I most desire to see manifest in myself. 
Misty write it down! You obviously care about your practice and it doesn't have to be painful anymore. Niedra has so much good information in this course.
I would have given a lot as a new teacher  (or seasoned teacher) to know about or think about what she so easily highlights for us.  I hope you keep going. 
Niedra Gabriel
Andrea good work lady !  love the " Ants as pets"realization.  keep working on yourself and you ARE THE GOLD
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THanks again Niedra! I don't know if this helps, but Back in the day when I was working as a nurse, I was told that I had Teachers in my life who I could attribute positive and negative powers to. The person I seem to be,means that those " negative" wizards in my life showed me who/ what I DIDNT want to be, (ANTS) and the positive wizards are the ones I wanted to emulate. IMportantly BOTH groups have been useful in formulating the ideal teacher I aspire to being. Wonder if this helps others not only to decide how and who they want to be, but also to be more positive about the potential impact some of those hard task masters may have had as well as decimating some of their negative impact. Sending love and thanks to this TEAM xx
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