Advanced Wunda Chair<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 3887

Advanced Wunda Chair
Blossom L.
Class 3887

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Jaclyn H
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loved this!  thank you the back bend over the chair was amazing....first time I've ever done that, it decompressed my thoracic spine  which I have had trouble doing since breastfeeding my newest baby...ah-mazing thank you
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Love your cueing as always! First time doing the back bend over the chair....divine!!
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Ahh, beautiful Blossom!  Sorry I haven't caught your classes sooner.  What a beautiful energy.  Thank you!  
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Whooo! I’m pretty proud of myself for doing fairly well in this class! Thank you for the challenge! I also loved the backbend especially the backbend prep on the wall I will be using that with clients. Thank you!!
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I absolutely loved this workout. The sequencing, cues, enthusiasm....absolute perfection.
Becky C
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Love, Love, and love some more!
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Awesome!!!! You're a great teacher Blossom
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Blossom!! Loved this so much. Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Selene S
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Love your class Blossom.  And the backbends on the chair and the prep was awesome!Thank you!!
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Always a good time. XO
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