Fundamental Reformer<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3898

Fundamental Reformer
Karen Sanzo
Class 3898

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Alyssa W
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I love this video, thank you!
Karen Sanzo
Fundamental never means easy!!
Keep it up you all.
Thanks for commenting.
Sharon K
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Thank you for this video. I'm so pleased to see a middle-aged woman who is not in tip top shape, just like me, working out. She did a fabulous job and inspired me to keep up the effort!
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Hi Karen, Wow! What an amazing session with YOU! It was fun and fierce! Your cues are so on point. Especially loved, "Press feet down and away" during chest expansion seated on the long box, and I could really feel that abdominal connection from front to back. Great cues all around with brilliant instruction. Enjoyed feet in straps with more springs, the long stretch and knee stretch series. Hell, it was all amazing! And I now realize that I'm a bit of an "exhale monster"! Lol! Karen, thanks again! Will revisit this one, and also look forward to checking out your springs tutorial, and other great vids. I hope you and your dear ones are all well during this time. I had the pleasure of meeting you during Pilates on Tour in New Orleans a few years back. Wonderful!
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Thank you so much! This was a wonderful class. I found connections I didnt know I was supposed to FEEL. I have fibromyalgia and hangout in PT and chiropractors office. He just a bunch of new pilates equipment. I will share this video with him. I like the difference in spring change because shes a little bit bigger of a girl. Sometimes the boys dont come to class either because of the big belly... please dont be offended. Its okay. My doctor is a chiropractor. I hear the big girls talk about him because hes attractive. Also. 
Thank you Karen very much it’s just perfect for beginners... Smart cueing to build up awareness. Instructive. Thank you 🙏 
Really good class to get back into connecting with all areas of my body after not being able to due to the pandemic. I got a BB IQ for home and was able to do most of this easily. I liked Karen’s instruction a lot and will look for more videos by her.
Wonderful fundamentals session. Enjoyed the use of heavier springs on many of the exercises. Definitely could feel the arm/trunk connections. Thank you. Will share with my students. 
Oceane G
Totally inspiring love the clear concise instructions and working with someone newish to the reformer 🙏 thank you
Grace Park
Short and sweet -
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