Expansive Wunda Chair<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3900

Expansive Wunda Chair
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3900

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Love this!  Glad to have you back for more classes.  Really enjoyed the last set.
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Great class, felt gtood too! Thank you Marimba
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Great class! Love the real reactions from real people! 
Wow possibly the best wunda class I have done! Loved the rotations and the feet and Lower limb focus, addressed all my weaknesses. Thank you
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Marimba, I love that you gave Jared a workout! Really enjoying this workout. Great for my clients, too!
Rosibel L
Just great. I'm a runner with a recent mild ankle sprain and all the unilateral work is what I need. Thank you for a great class.
This is awesome! Thank you so much for a wonderful class!
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My new favorite chair class!Loved everything. The rotational work, using split pedals and theraband...all of it. Thank you. You're cueing and style were great as well:)
Carolan A
I just loved you and your laugh. You had me laughing. Thank you for inspiring some great ideas...
Loved the class! Felt like I was wringing out the body! Your laugh is contagious! Thank you!!
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