Day 9: Upper Body Blast<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3927

Day 9: Upper Body Blast
Courtney Miller
Class 3927

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Lina S
Days 8 and 9 are up to now my favorites! Thank you!
Nicole C
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Thank you so much for these! I had two surgeries last month and was cleared for exercise on Jan 1, so I started this Jan 2nd! It was a great way to get back into my routine, with shorter, but still intense, 20 minute intervals. 
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That standing arm sequence was deceitfully hard! What a burn! Another great short workout.
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Please add the HIIT link to the description of this class. I noticed it was missing the first time I took the class but thought maybe someone else would mention it.   Thanks~
HIIT Recovery that is!!  The HIIT series was definitely in the video. LOL
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Loving this challenge....already planning on making this an early morning workout as a regular session as it’s fast, effective, and energising.....and easily fit into the very limited mornings I have before work with two little people! Thank you for this! 
That was lovely, thanks
Brydie L
That was a great quick work out. Thank you
Love these ideas.
Francesca A
Great short intense work outs. Very effective. And this trainer is lovely. 
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