Reformer Fundamentals 2<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3930

Reformer Fundamentals 2
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3930

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Michael Mary S
Thanks for a great fundamental class.  Your cuing is so precise.  Loved this.
Thank you!!!!!!! I love these level classes! They feel so good to me!
Janet B
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That was so clearly explained. I love the Precise teaching for the beginner, purely practicing how to engage and connect the powerhouse. I am very happy you made this video! And I will continue to watch your videos and share them with my coworkers. Please make more like this!
Janet! Thank you so very much for this helpful (and kind!) feedback ! It is my goal to share and demystify the work we love and share. I PROMISE to do more of these. Your input is the exact reason I write the RedThread Book Series... so I can share the tools I have learned, both from my teachers and the needs of my Clients, with my fellow Teachers!
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Oooh that placing the hands on the hips in running is a doozy. Did not realise until then my powerhouse had left the building and that welcomed it right
Chaz K
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Omg Kathi! You continue to inspire me with all you do. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. I strive for the clarity you display in your teaching. You keep filling the gaps and answering the unanswered questions.
Chaz thank you sooooo much!!! I will do my best ❤️
Jennifer W
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I love that you introduce short box on the long box! This will be so helpful in teaching. Love these level classes! Thank you!
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Such clean and POWERFUL cuing. I love it. Thank you.
Thank you so very very much!
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