Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 395

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very nice workout... love the faster pace.
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Classical and complete...perfect.Thanks
Thank you Justy - I am glad you enjoyed it.
great classical mat workout! niedra's voice dynamics and cues make the time fly by!
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Thank you so much for this, Niedra. Just perfect workout. My go-to workout when I really wanna work myself hard and enjoy myself. Hope to see more from you here in the near future. Cheers
I love that you enjoy a good hard workout - so do I . you must be british?
Cheers right back,
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Thanks for answering me, Niedra, feels like a celebrity is answering you after all of those classes of your I took here :)

Actually, no, I'm not british, I just like saying cheers :)
You make me laugh Emma, actually I worked at a resort in the Caribbean for 3 years and many brits came and I got very used to hearing cheers and bottoms up ( as they raised their glass of beer.)
Love this class. Classic, covers everything, great flow, fast pace, my favorite much fun! Thanks:)
you are a lovely teacher, clear, clean instruction, wonderful flowing classical pilates. Loved it. Thank you
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