Step Up Your Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 3970

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Lots of great options here. It would’ve helped for the standing leg to be visible from the camera for the first round. Hope that makes sense. Can I get notes on this class.  thank you! 
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loved the kneeling/standing hip extensions. im always trying to get my glutes to fire more - they're on fire! it even included a great hs stretch. using in class tomorrow. thank you!
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Looved this class! Thanks Erika very creative
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AMAZING CLASS! Thank you! 
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I love love love your classes! I hope you filmed more (bosu) but anything will do! I really needed all of this! Thank you for the balance challenges. I enjoyed the yellow spring to start & focus on proper alignment and working with the smaller muscles, then I enjoyed & almost regretted a blue for the single leg short box. And the single arm work personally I could have used the yellow instead of blue bc my body likes to cheat and muscle things - ie chest expansion. But I hung in there! Thank you for the hamstring work!!! Everything was wonderful!!!
Connie, it does make sense! Thank you! We will work on getting everyone the notes on this class. Thank you so much for your feedback! 
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Very nice but I can t do it because the video is not loading it s stops all the time, too bad i miss training
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Fabulous Erika! I loved the creativity and challenge. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and dynamic energy.
Ruchi Thank you, Ruchi! Sending you love in India all the way from California. All my best, Erika
Sabine SO great to see you in person recently, Sabine and thanks for taking class with me. Always appreciate the love and comment. Erika
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