Step Up Your Reformer<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 3970

Step Up Your Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 3970

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Fantastic class with wonderful cueing of oblique slings! Loved it
Erika Quest
Lyn SO nice when I get the FIRST comment on my newest class. Really so appreciate this, as I went "out of the box" on this one. Much love, Erika
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love it, bravo!
Awesome.  Loved very much!
Erika Quest
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Aljona Katherine Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. This one I definitely tried to keep us upright and in weight bearing for the duration, so glad you enjoyed all the fun creative movement variations! Much love, Erika
Gerri M
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Fun and uniquely challenging..thanks for your enthusiasm Erica 
Erika Quest
Gerri YAY, Gerri! Thanks for taking class with Nico and I. Glad you enjoyed and much love, Erika
Ruchi K
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Amazing and fun class,love all the transition s. Erika you are superb👌👌
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I absolutely love this class, Erika!  So creative!
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That was HARD!
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