Mat for Stress Relief
Amy Havens
Class 3987

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Lovely! Thank you!
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Thank you for this relaxing and organic class. May I ask you the name or the source of the music you used? Thank you.
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I loved this one. Just what I needed on a wet, wintry day.
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What a beautiful class. The stretches were gradual and felt so good. Lovely to simply move in a free way. Will use this in my classes... but particularly for myself. Thanks Amy.
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Beautiful, thank you. I didn't realise how much I needed this. Would love to have more of this kind of restorative class on here x 
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Thank you! 
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This entire class felt so amazing, thank you so much! 
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Please do more of these! My body felt tense before I took this class and after I felt so much calmer mentally, physically, & my body relaxed. Thank you!
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After the fifth night of not sleeping in my own bed this felt amazing! Thank you so much Amy what a way to quiet myself down! 
So delicious, calming and restorative.  A perfect evening practice for me, can't wait for bedtime now!  Thank you!
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