Fitness Ball Variations
John Garey
Class 4002

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Super fun ball variations. I enjoyed the adaptation of some of the equipment exercises for the ball. Many thanks for a great workout!
John , this is a fabulous class ! Thank you for inspiring me to get my swiss ball out again ! Love it and love you style of teaching ..More please !!
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Awesome class! Thank you John! Can we get notes!?
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So much FUN and challenging!   Your  an energizer bunny!  Those single knee stretches are killers!!  thank you! 
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Hi Connie, We've added it to our class notes list and hope to have them up soon. 
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"Are you smiling yet?" 
"Yes, John."
Great class. Time flew by!
Great class! Awesome to start the day with this!❤️
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Great variety of exercises. A really fun class with a nice flow. Thank you.
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Another great workout! Thanks for your fun energy . . . Loved the class!!
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Loved this John! Please do more mat classes with props!!!!!
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