Fitness Ball Variations
John Garey
Class 4002

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John, exactly what I needed for me and those clients who like the Swiss ball! You covered the whole body! Love the challenge! Thank you 🙏🏼
I just love your classes!  And I find your manner so fun and encouraging!  Need a whole slew of your classes!  Guess I need to re-watch all my STOTT PILATES videos with you!
I loved this class and found myself smiling all the way through. Thank You!
Inspirational as always John.   Love the way you structure you classes and always feels challenging.  Thank you
Great and creative class, John!  I love your energy, and how you sequenced the exercises.
I felt like this class should come with a disclaimer for those with knee or Rotator cuff issues.  It was good but needed modifications for these issues.

Such a fun and thorough class. More please!
super fun! I didn't want to workout today so I looked or the most "easy" thing to do....NOT sweating like a football player and totally in the zone. LOVE it ~ thank you 
John, love how you used the Swiss ball to imitate other apparatus!!!
I have used the ball for portions of some classes before but never for the full class--lots of fun and work (especially now as I am isolating at home). Thanks John.
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