Back Care Reformer<br>Kristi C. & Meredith R.<br>Class 4005

Back Care Reformer
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 4005

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Julka G
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The " keep your tailbone down and imagine pulling your thighs towards your body" cue was really great! With that my lower abs were shaking just a few reps in. 

FYI The video ended suddenly, midway thru a stretch.
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Squeezed this in after putting my girls down for bed, and it was just what I needed to be present in my body amidst all the unease out there. Thank you!
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Great feel good class! Great cues! Feel better Meredith! ❤️
Mary R
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Just what I needed today. Thanks.
Michele M
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This was very nice flow and great basic class!  We should all get back to basics once in awhile:) Sorry to hear about your sacrum Meredith, hope you feel better soon!  Thanks Ladies, loved it! 
Thanks everyone for moving with us and sharing your feedback.  I am physically completely healed.  Now I just have to sit with the collective mental unrest.  Keep breathing y'all!
Michele G
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Meredith, I was inspired by how graceful you accepted the modifications you knew you needed, how kind you were to yourself, and mostly by the fact that you worked out anyway, knowing you would be limited.  Great short and centering class.  Thanks to both of you.
Michele thanks so much for your positive feedback.  We just gotta what we can in the moment...this I know to be true.
Tracey M
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Absolutely wonderful workout. It was exactly what my back and legs needed today. I loved the focus on the legs and then the focus on the back stretching. Perfect for my back. Thank you so much for creating this workout.
Tracey thank you for being here and being willing to forgive my limitations!
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