Set it & Forget it Cadillac
Viktor Uygan
Class 4009

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So glad I made you "smile". I can't wait to watch all your classes on Pilates Anytime. Stay safe.
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Thank you for this class.  I have a rehab reformer with vertical frame, not the full cadillac.  I substituted a stability ball for some of the feet in the Trapeze ball exercises and a TRX for some of the kneeling exercises.  Though not exactly the same, it worked great.  We do what we need to do to get through!  Thank you.
Lani Thank you 🙏
Vicki what a great spirit 🙌I always say don't let the equipment move you, we need to move in the equipment. Just like you mentioned it doesn't matter if I used the trapeze bar and you used the ball. What matters is we both moved 😇
Thank you for your attitude towards movement and feedback 🙏
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Thank you for another clever class Viktor. I love the repetition, allowing me to drop deeper in to my body, and variations. I don't have the strap with loops for the push through bar, so I could not get my thigh up to the bar. I used my foot to press up, in neutral and external rotation. Worked well. During the trapeze work, cat and cow, so delicious, my shoulders feel much happier with palms facing each other (thumbs up); less impingement. The incorporation of rotation, translation, and stretches, makes my fascia sing! 
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Wow thank you Victor!  I’m working solo in my studio and really loved that practice!  My neck and upper back really thank you!  Goodbye neck tension!;) 
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Fantastic.....especially love "keep moving so others can be moved by you"...also loved the criss cross variation.  I have reformer/tower combo so I used a stability ball for lots of this.   Thank you thank you!
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Hi Michele i am very grateful for you letting me know that you enjoyed my class and you love the repetitions, allowing you to drop deeper into your body. Thank you moving with me 🙏
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Michele lucky you, you have what you need right in the comfort of your home 🙌Thank you for letting me know that your neck and upper back really thank ing me!  and you get to say My neck and upper back really thank you!  Goodbye to your neck tension!;)  Thanks 🙏
Hi Jennifer I am so happy to hear you find my class fantastic and enjoyed my quote of "keep moving so others can be moved by you" Thank you for moving with me 🙏
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