Cadillac Circumference<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Class 4012

Cadillac Circumference
Jenna Zaffino
Class 4012

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It’s so Nice to get this feeling of space inside when we are not allowed to go outside ! This class is exactly what I needed to put a bit of lightness in these heavy times ! Thank you 
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That was great!  Thanks Jenna
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Just what I needed today!  Loved waking up to see that Jenna was back on again!  Absolutely loved everything!  Especially all the push thru bar standing at the beginning!  Much thanks and love to all! 
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Thank you very much . . . just what my shoulders needed!!
Sue C
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What a great way to start my day today Jenna!
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Great class! Thank you for the inspiration💗
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Always love your classes. Lots of interesting variations and they flow beautifully.
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Enjoyed this very much!Had to improvise a little with tower reformer and box but it all worked out well and I feel well stretched now.  You always teach very creative classes and I really appreciate that.  Also your swan cue for transferring down to hip flexors was enormously helpful to me.  Thanks for this class, I will be repeating it.
Jenna Zaffino
Evelyn  - You're comment really touched me.  Thank you for sharing how the class was helpful. I'm so happy it could provide some relief! 
Jenna Zaffino
Suzanne You are so welcome - thank you for moving with me! 
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