Reformer Box Flow
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4030

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Loved your class - flowed beautifully. Thank you. 
Agree with Mel, time flew! Many thanks Delia, feels terrific!
Lovely class. Feel worked and rejuvenated. Thank you.
Thank you for a creative, energizing and invigorating workout. I loved the back extension series w rotation. Your beautiful presence resonated with me. You are truly appreciated. 
Corinna thank you! Jackie Thank you, its hard to stay creative so I really appreciate your comment! Terrip88* Diane thank you so much! Maureen cant wait for your feedback. Miss you! 
Mel W so lovely to hear! I didn't realize I had prepared such a long class. Must have gotten carried away! So happy you enjoyed it! Elena thank you! Linda that one does feel so good!! Thank you for taking the class. Susan WOW that really made my week! Love hearing that. Thank you so much! Tiffany Thank you!!
Dianne thank you so much for taking the class! Rosemary  so happy to hear! Thank you! Hen ahhh rejuvenated is a great thing! Thank you ! Carol you teared me up. These comments and feedback have brought me so much joy. Thank you so much !
Great to have your teaching style and creativity back! Feeling warm ☺ Thanks!
awesome! very entertaining class and new, fresh exercises!
I really enjoyed this class. Instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Practice is demanding but achievable. I plan to come back to it often.
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