Day 1: Abdominals
Carrie Pages
Class 4038

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Thanks Carrie for these creatives!  One thing : realistically speaking the clients doing these workouts don't really perform optimally to this pace of yours of verbal your 20 mins class might be 35-40 mins for my clients coz little alignment cues need to be given by me to them before the main exercise .
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Thanks Carrie ! I’ll join you daily on the mat , having a reformer I tend to neglect mat work so great to start again . Roll overs didn’t feel very good for me today so I opted out my back didn’t feel flexible in the short time frame . See you tomorrow from my living window less quarantine days .
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Thank you so much ! I have a question: during the single leg stretch, when you bring your knee towards you, you loose your pelvic in the neutral position. I've learnt that we must bring the knee just above the hip to not loose the pelvic neutral. What is the correct form? I'm a bit confused. Thank you
 In the plank position, where should we place the hands? Right under the shoulder or a little bit further than your shoulders? Thank you 

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Thank You Carrie for an energetic class! I loved the leg transitions. It was so much fun. I’m looking forward to the next 9 mornings :)
Hi Pauline! I like to place my hands slightly forward of my shoulders so my wrists are a little bit happier.  As far as neutral when performing SLS I appreciate the feedback!  For this challenge my focus was definitely fun and flow over form, so thanks for keeping me on track!
Thanks for joining me on Day 1 everyone!!!!
Reduce my challenge to level 1 please
A. Matheson
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Wow that’s a good workout, the last 2 minutes almost killed me...
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Carrie Pages it is a great flow ! perfect to work on those abs !

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