Day 1: Abdominals
Carrie Pages
Class 4038

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I never done Pilates before and we’ll first day my body can’t do half the things my instructor did lol but my core is feeling it 😅
Needed to do this slower
I’m 6 weeks postpartum (c-section) and surprised myself with the abdominal challenge. I’m also a physical therapist and Pilates instructor so I made some modifications, but it was a great class! Still working on my teaser!
Oh my God I forgot how challenging the mat work actually was. Looking forward to the strength that I will be creating over the next 10 days. Thank you it’s January 2 and I think I’ve died.
great class and will join you in the 10 day challenge
Great 👍👍👍🇩🇰
Thank you, Carrie. 
The abs are burning!! Thank you Carrie :)
Carrie Pages I freakin' love you!!!  This was a beautiful flow.  I love how you thread the principles throughout the entirety of the class.  Annnnd I think I need to buy new blue leggings!    Those are so cute on you!!  Looking forward to the rest of this challenge!  xoxo
Thank you, Carrie. I have lower back issues and wasn’t sure how to modify. I have Pilates experience but haven’t practised in a while and couldn’t remember how to modify leg positions, etc.
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