Power Arms<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 4111

Power Arms
Tracey Mallett
Class 4111

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Tracey is one of the best!! Continuously and happy and beautiful!
Thank you Tracey loved this quick workout!
Diana H
Wow that was hard but fantastic! Thanks Tracey!
Tanya xo

Tracey Mallett 
💕Love Tracey
💕Love background
💕Love music
💕Love the 20 minutes 

My band was same as traceys but I’m 5’10” so it wasn’t long enough. I couldn’t complete fuller range of movements.
Would love to see a 20 minute using light dumbbells instead 
(Oh and latex band gave me a rash on my skin ) 
Janet H
best arm workout I've ever done!
Love the class, the pace and the energy! Thanks Tracy! I feel ready for the day!
Viola S
Thank you! Feeling a little bit nervous and this workout was what I needed! Thanks!
Wow! That’s all. Thanks so very much! 
Lucile G
Loved this Tracey, been searching for months to find the right videos to do after I had a second haemorrage stroke in April. Something not too strenuous and also not too hectic. Loved this going to continue with this challenge. If you have any others similar that wont put too much pressure on the head please let me know
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