Lower Body Flow<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 4113

Lower Body Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 4113

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Ruby G
Loved this class.  Hard but not too hard...just hard enough to get a good 20 minute workout.
I came in search of a leg focused class. Well, I sure did find. In fact, I'm sure I found muscles I didn't even know I had. Thanks Tracey Mallett , brilliant class!
Only 20 min I feel amazing and ready to start my day. I love working up a good sweat and burn before the kids get up and I head off to work. Tracy has a way of packing everything I need into a tight window of time. I add 2-3 lbs weights to this workout to squeeze in a little upper body too. Thank you Tracy!
Thanks I t was amazing class
Elena Z
Thank you, Tracey. This was a great and fun workout!
Thanks Tracey just what I needed today 😃! Please dont lose your aussie accent 😩😩
Geraldine M
Loved this work out Tracey!
I have done this class so many times! Just love the focus on various parts of your body all in 20 mins. Thanks Tracey 
Tanya xo
Tracey Mallett 
Love this!
💕 the teacher
💕the music
💕 the background
💕 the workout
💕 20 minutes = perfect length! 
Please Make more 20 minute workouts 

🖤 the only part that didn’t have flow and was confusing or uneven was the legs from 6:30 to 8:30 minute mark.

6:30 = plié + curtsy + plié + lift
Love the flow 🥰
7:30 = plié + curtsy + lift + down
Feels lopsided and not as flowy 
Awkward for me 

Please make another video like this! 
Thank you Tracey. Trapped in a hotel room, I did your 20 min. cardio flow followed by this 20 min. lower body - great short & sweet sweat!! This stuff never gets old. 🙏
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