Meditation in Motion<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 4128

Meditation in Motion
Meredith Rogers
Class 4128

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Thanks for this class, Meredith! I started off really tense, and after the class I'm feeling so peaceful and relaxed. Plus my back feels so straight and strong - bonus!
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Meredith, what a wonderful class.  I took it after a couple of weeks of major transitions in my life and it was exactly what I needed.  Love having you share your teachings and calming voice along with some incredible strengthening moves!!
Lina S
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This class's name is perfectly suited! I'm glad to be able to watch the replay!
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Thank you thank you! I didn’t get to do this one live. Is it weird that I feel more connected with the videos filmed at home? It’s like we are all in a weird club but I’m so thankful for the community these zoom classes bring during this time. Thank you!

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That was lovely sending you peace and gratitude :)
Julie Laurie thank you so much!! This is our reality for the moment so we must make do!  Cynthia in my classes you can ALWAYS expect hip stretches.  It's how I sneak mine in.
Matt this was a very sweet and touching comment.  Thank you.
Joanna T
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Wonderful class! Really helped my sore shoulders. Thank you. X
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As an older guy who is fairly inflexible I loved all the spinal rotation. It really helps.  The rest of the class was great too.  Thanks again Meredith:) 
Thanks for coming over everyone!!
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