Creating Space<br>Brooke Siler<br>Class 4172

Creating Space
Brooke Siler
Class 4172

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Thank you so much for doing this class and connecting the fight for justice to freedom in our bodies.
Lina S
Nice flowing class with a good emphasis on breathing. Thank you.
Kristina D
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Sorry but the sound was hopeless to hear and follow. Quality not good enough
Brooke so good to see you here on Pilates Anytime !! You book "Pilates Body" was my first introduction to Pilates and I've never turned back !! I have given many as gifts !!! great class !
Great Class really enjoyed it 
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I am sorry, but the video and audio were not very good. 
Awesome magic circle class, thanks!
Webster D
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how about ending violence against police.
Susan L
Nice class but poor quality audio and video.
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loved the spine stretch forward variations.  thanks!
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