Go with the Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4194

Go with the Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4194

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Replenishing class after being sore from the first run in a while yesterday. Thank you Amy!
A wonderful class to take after a run, thank you for being with me Isadora B !
Sydney L
I LOVE this flow! Can't wait to try this with my virtual clients :D
After two days with migraine and headache I wasn't sure if my body was ready for a training. And all of a sudden my mind said: what about a little Amy ?! And as always I am feeling so much better after one of your classes. Thank you for your gentle teaching and being!
Cynthia G
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As always a beautiful hour spent with Amy.  I really enjoyed the class.  It gave me time to focus on whole body as I worked, am I contracting where I should, am I tensing where I shouldn't, can I go a little further or longer and still keep my centre engaged.  Lots to consider. Lovely use of the props to focus and add a bit of challenge. Thanks.  (Yes we have come a long way with this virus.)
When I just want to move with acceptance and feel good, I move with Amy! Thank you, Amy. This class was just what my body needed this morning. Enjoyed the connection felt with band over the shins in the hundred, and the thoracic stretches over the ball really do feel soo good!
Pam S
I loved! this class.  I especially love the props because they open up so much more variety.  One question: when the ball is under the sacrum, it was tough to get to a level pelvis, does that matter? 
This class is just...delicious!! Do yourselves a favour and do it...often!
This has been in my queue for so long and I am so glad I started my weekend with this one today! The spinal rotation at the end with the ball was A+++! Thank you, Amy!!
Exceptionally pleasant and relaxing class, Amy is a great instructor!
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