Bone Building<br>Sherri Betz<br>Class 4200

Bone Building
Sherri Betz
Class 4200

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Taghrid K
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Thank you Sherri and PA for a great Awesome workout and very much needed series, even though I'm fit and practice yoga and Pilates I  felt that I'm getting weaker with age I'm almost 63, so this was challenging but feel that I need to do some strength (wt) training. Great clear cues, lovely precise instructions and modifications for props. The second time I did the class I felt stronger so I'll aim to do it regularly. So much to share with clients young and old. Thanks again and have a wonderful month. 
Sherri Betz
Diane such a great question, I can see where the confusion lies!  Yes, I do recommend that if you are doing weight lifting or weight training, that you don't mobilize your spine first.  That's why we do the squats with weight lifting first.  However, with postural correction using the ball to promote thoracic extension, the spine is not vertical or loaded.  We are trying to improve the thoracic extension, then strengthen the thoracic paraspinals to support the newly acquired range of motion.  I usually like to end the class with thoracic extension to help everyone with improving the round back "kyphotic" posture and maintain it after class.  I use the Kyphotic Index measurement using a flexible ruler to measure the posture improvement before and after interventions or classes.  
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Thank you Sherri!!Wonderful class, with lots of great information to bless my clients, and myself in my practice as a teacher!
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I revisit your classes often and am so grateful for them. They are helping me get stronger and so beneficial for my clients of all ages. Thanks for so generously sharing your expertise with us. 🙏🏻
Sherri Betz
Beverly L Michelle N Taghrid K Deana Gary M thank you all for your positive feedback!  I am so happy to hear that you can use the ideas presented for yourselves and your clients!
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Thank you as always Sherri. I love this series for the various strength ranges for my low bone density population. Love it Thank you!
Joanna G
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Thank you, love the teaching, cues, the why behind how. Brilliant explanations and super educational. 
Patty Hafen
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Excellent class and information.  I always learn something new from you, and I am so appreciative.  
Sherri Betz
Patty Hafen Joanna G Laura G Thank you all for your positive feedback!  Makes my heart happy!
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Sherri thank you, thank you thank you. I closed my studio due to covid 19 and after many years owning a studio & I am just teaching online. So many changes but your work is so on target for me. All the information you gave is so important, from breathing, to building strength, to keeping leg strength to balance. I can't express my gratitude!💜
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