Pilates on a Chair<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4217

Pilates on a Chair
Mariska Breland
Class 4217

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This was a fantastic class. Yes, I was sweating but in a very good way. I loved the chair exercises. I really felt the movement deeply. I guess I've come to expect an innovative approach from you Mariska and I wasn't disappointed   I also used an ottoman though it was one with a non-squishy top. I found it useful to grab the nearest squishy item on occasion which happened to be my bathrobe.  Worked great. 
Yeeesh that was some stuggle Pilatesish movement from me in some of those (side forearm planks, for example). Oh well, my pants were cute. 😬 I’m going to blame the squish. Good luck kids. May your chair and your family give you just the right amount of support.
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I used my Wunda Chair for this class, great stretching!
Emer Thanks Emer! Glad you liked it. I hope it was easier for you than it was for me. 🤪
Tess S
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You are brilliant Mariska! Cant get enough of your creative and challenging pilates! particularly liked the Bridge with leg lower to side of chair, swimming with tummy on chair and SLS with pelvis on chair- hard work and what fun! Hope to see lots more of you on PA 
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Great class. Really like the rollover
Silvia G
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loved your class
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I used a sturdy metal folding chair (with a back). When that didn't work I went to the floor. Additionally there were several exercises where we needed our back or shoulders on the chair... i substituted my foam roller which worked well. I liked the workout. I sweated like crazy too. I got a kick out of the clever way the class was presented. I also had fun figuring out how to make the exercises work for the paraphernalia I have.  Thanks again Mariska:)  P.S. I do not like perfection either. I always roll my eyes when I watch a class with an instructor and students who seem to have practiced the routine about 1000 times. 
Gary lol. I just make sure I can do an exercise one time. And then I realize how hard it is when I do multiple reps followed by more exercises with a camera running. Honestly, mat is my worst - I’m so much better at the apparatus. (Guess that means I should do more mat!)
Julie Lloyd
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I think this is a really balanced class, and you Mariska are a great teacher. Thank you.
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