Isometrics and Leg Day<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4221

Isometrics and Leg Day
Mariska Breland
Class 4221

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Good morning!!!  me encantan tus clases siempre hay algo diferente que aprender contigo. Thank very much. 
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Great classes! Have to continue to convince myself to finish
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A really nice set of exercises, presented with humility, honesty, and humor. Thank you.
Lynne F
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Hard class and very challenging for me.   Good humor and lightness.  I will try again.
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Well I felt that class.  So good, Mariska.  XO
Thanks! I felt it too, Cristina
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I am night owl  and usually exercise late. Your class was a great way to begin the 1st hour of my 69th year.  I had fun.  I feel toned, lengthened, and strengthened.  What a nice birthday gift this was:)  Thanks Mariska!
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Thank you Mariska!! Another fantastic class,  looking forward to the next one. 
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Your classes are SO fun - wonderful to follow, and your character and humour are just the best.  Thank you so much - keep them coming! x
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It's good your so funny because that kept me going. I kept thinking it can't be that hard if she's so funny, but it was. I can't believe I finished. That was truly amazing and inspiring. Way to push this old body into new tricks! Thank you!
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