Isometrics and Leg Day
Mariska Breland
Class 4221

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Gary Happy birthday!

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thannk you for such an amazing class really helped me find those holds that i hate so much:)
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Terrific class Mariska. Intense but strengthening, great stretching exercises. Love your sense of humor. Always leaves me with a chuckle and during covid,  I am especially appreciative.
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I loved this Mariska! Never really done isometrics, different and fun and you are funny! Now I want to do the next class and see the outfit!
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Very creative and fun and definitely challenging. Thank you, Mariska!
Mariska! Took me a while to get to this class. Great class to find all those shaky spots. Love your commentary and subtle comments. Will have to do this one again and again and again. Stay well. 
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Couldn't have said it any better than Mark Hamilton ^^!! Thanks, Mariska!!!
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