Extension<br>Maria Earle<br>Class 4223

Maria Earle
Class 4223

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Great class, absolutely loved that you brought your own fun personality into the session and showed me I'm not the only one to wreck my set in class!  Made me smile whilst working me hard, my favourite combination! Thank you Maria :)
So much joy in movement, loved it....thank you, am still smiling
Alena K
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Also,  very pretty light and calming coulours, pleasant to watch :) THank you!
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Thank you, Maria, for sharing your movement practice with us! I've been enjoying this series so much (sooo much). The work feels so good and your energy is so uplifting! And yes, I was surprised how far I could get in prone extension without using arms! Hugs from Portland, OR
Thanks Maria!  That was fun.  It was like working out with a friend.  I appreciate the light heartedness, vivid imagery, and encouragement.  “Sometimes Pilates practice is Resilience practice.” Haha! Heck yeah!
Body Aligned P
Yes! More Maria! Thank you!
Adi A
amazing class! extentions feels miraclusly more friendly now .... thank you very much!!!
Maria, you are an amazing human and instructor.  Thank you for bringing humanity and joy to our movement practice.  Extension never felt so good!    I found you in Pilates Style and was delighted to see this series pop up.  I can't wait to take the other classes in the series.  Sending love from New England.  Hoping to make it back to Spain on the other side of these crazy times!  
Anne-Françoise/ Anne
thank you for this lesson ! 
Lovely class :)) We never get too much extension do we! My back and hips feel wonderful. Thanks a lot for this work and for sharing your and Kathy Grant's great cueing. Oh, and I love to be reminded to be grateful for what my body can do
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