Spine Mobility<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4244

Spine Mobility
Kira Lamb
Class 4244

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Carla  You're welcome
AnnS Well, this absolutely made my day. I definitely hope to teach on PA again. 
Thanks Kira,
Brilliant class, loved your instructions.  Looking forward to the next class :)
I am struggling to find out my power house and your class really helped me a lot . can't wait your next class. Thank you for the energetic and kind cueing!
Thanks, I am quite new to pilates so really enjoyed the cues.
Lina S
I like the way you dissect the moves and make links between different exercises. I've enjoyed your two classes. Thank you!
Thank so much Kira!!! Love your precise cueing and instruction. Amazing class!
Kelley B
You have become my favorite teacher on PilatesAnytime! I wish you had dozens of videos. Can't wait until the next one.
Such a great class thanks Kira, perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon in Sydney!
N. Burke
Love this class! I'm always fighting my hypermobility and need the slower pace and fine details. Thank you, Kira!
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