Balance<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4262

Kira Lamb
Class 4262

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Thank you. Perfect explanation of balance. Teaser -wow! Nice teaching, nice Pilates.
Loved it girl! Looking forward to more of your classes
Kaaron B
That was so much fun!
loved it! great teaser build up
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Great class. Brilliant cueing. I am loving this series.
Nina C
Thank you for a wonderful class filled with encouragement and detailed instructions....Hugs
Anna E
Kira, you are my new idol! This series has deepened my understanding of what it's all about in a quite transformative way. Revelation after revelation...and today some balance on top of that! Thank you!
Thank you !!!!! Great class :0)
Wow, thankyou kira. Loved your class x
Great name great class! Thanks Kira
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