Empower<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4264

Courtney Miller
Class 4264

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Love, love, love this! Amazing programming!
Awesome. I cannot get enough of you classes. Thank you so much🙏🙏
Same issue for me. I have a Balanced Body studio reformer/tower combo with revo footbar. This does not allow you to have the jump board and platform attached at the same time. It was super annoying to have to change over and back during workout.
Loved this class. Super creative. I enjoyed the steady pace.
Thank you Courtney! I loved this creative class!
Wow!  What a great class!  Dynamic and challenging with creative moves.  I feel strong!

Fantastic class.thank you
Oksana P
Phew! Great class to warm up on a chilly day and really feel epowered. Had to pause and remove my tower (luckily I also have Allegro 2 and it is super easy) -- loved those reverse lunges! Thank you for such a creative use of Reformer. These classes are great.
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Sorry, but I can absolutly NOT share the feeling of annoyance, whilst having such a creative head working out so many opportunities and ideas to use the equipment to train the body efficiently in a such a short amount of time. This is my first time writing a post and I felt like banging the drum for Courtneys creativity and inspiring motivation, during times, where all fitness professionals have to cope with tremendous limited working and educational conditions. When we find something, that we can't incorporate in our training routine, either because we don't have the equipment or the ability to perform the exercise, we shouldn't be blaming the one who presents us new limits, but ask ourselves, if it is our creative or physical limitation, that's been challenged. Thank you Courtney, for challenging mine. I had a lot of fun with my IQ Reformer.  Stay safe and healthy.
Carolyn D
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Another amazing class Courtney - your ability to guide us swiftly through the movements while also providing fantastic cues and information is incredible.  So creative too! 
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