Rhythm Pilates®<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 429

Rhythm Pilates®
Lisa Hubbard
Class 429

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Lisa, I very much like what you are doing. I am Power Pilates Certified and concern myself with 'order'. Yet, I have done your first routine with dancers who have been doing traditional pilates and it basically woke them up. I love working with rhythm. What do you base your 'order' on or do you just go for the choreography or is your ordered based on your traing or or or..... am I making sense????? Music is off the map (that's a good thing).
Nice! Really! Thanks.:)
Lisa Hubbard
Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comments! The 'order' is based on my training. I also have a background in dance and hold certifications in Gyrotonic and Yoga. It's really a culmination of all modalities. I want to be certain to prepare the body/muscles before moving into more challenging exercises. I try for a complete total body workout. So happy you enjoy it!
Love it! Lisa you gotta show this to the world...I'm glad your class is here so anyone has the chance to see it! Congrats!
Lisa Hubbard
Hello Glaucia! You're an absolute doll! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the class!

Lisa we were playing your class to check out the internet feature on our TV and I swear it was like you were in the living room! It was almost midnight, I was in my pj's but once the music started I couldn't help myself and had to take class... again! I love this class!!
such a great switch up!!! Loved it!!!
Wow I love Rhythm Pilates! It is so much fun! Keep the videos coming, you are so good!!
Lisa Hubbard
Kristi, you're so adorable! I can imagine this from you, PJ's and all!! I loved watching you perform to this class, beautiful. Thank you so much for what you are doing with the site the Pilates community and enthusiasts are benefiting greatly! XOX
Helen and Cheryl, I love that you love it!! Thanks so much for the amazing feedback! More to come. I promise
Absolutely loved it! I didn't grow up dancing and it's so great to be able to move to music and feel graceful, competent and sexy (those little hip-rocks!) A huge thanks from all us non-dancers :)
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