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Lisa Hubbard
Class 429

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Estee, I love reading this post. It really is for everyone!! I'm happy to hear that you felt competent and graceful, like a dancer. AND that you liked those sexy-little-hip-rocks!
I am loving Rhythm Pilates! I have ZERO coordination and keeping the moves to the song is VERY helpful. For someone like me with A.D.D. tendencies this is perfect, I can't, and don't, get board or distracted... THANKS!
This was the perfect 30min of 'get the heart and mind pumping before heading out for the day' workout - thanks Lisa - you're a beatiful mover!
Thank you so much Tina! It is a fun way to start out the day. I'm glad that it got your heart pumping! And Valerie, I'm pleased to know that it was easy to follow and that you enjoyed the workout to music!! THANK YOU BOTH!
Your workouts are awesome!! Could you please give me the Artist and Title of the songs in this video. The music makes the workout flow! Thanks!
Lisa gets all of her music at Smartsound.com.
Great class Lisa! Really efficient, fun workout in a short amount of time. I need more Rhythm Pilates!
Thanks Kristi for responding while I was out-of-town!

Jamie, I know how hard it is to find time for yourself and workout! These 30-minute programs are great when you don't have a lot of time, want a total body workout and IT IS FUN!
Loved it. It made the workout more fun. Thank you
Hated it. Sorry!!!!
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