Flow with Everything<br>Debora Kolwey<br>Class 4296

Flow with Everything
Debora Kolwey
Class 4296

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I have just finished your class and feel totally relaxed, also feel the blood has flowed to all parts of my body. Lovely.
Alison B
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Just did this with my partner, very enjoyable and utterly relaxing
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Thats a beautiful class and nice cues Thank you!
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Thank you, feels relaxing and totally connecting

Mary Jo K
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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Can you please let me know why you tapped the sternum on the roll up? I loved how it felt and would love to know the reason why. In Gratitude! 
Colleen B
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Thanks Debora love this class- feel very connected in my body 
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feel connection my body and really refreshing ! thantk u :) i really enjoy~
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Thank you Deborah, that was a wonderful class. I feel relaxed and refreshed
Lyn G
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thank you....this class and instructor really worked for me
Kerin G
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Thank you for this class 🙏
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