Unwinding and Centering
Gia Calhoun
Class 4323

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Thanks Gia for filming this series! I love that I now have a curated series of shorter reformer classes to work with.  
I'm so glad you enjoyed this series, Lori
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So sad to see these end! Extremely grateful for these 30-minute reformer workouts. It's the perfect amount of time when you're doing Peloton or other cardio workouts along with your Pilates practice. Thank you, thank you, thank  you. 
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Loved this workout! Gia, please make more pilates videos - can't get enough of them. 
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Thanks that was a great start to my day - loved the mermaid series thank you! 
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please make more!  I love these videos- short, and still great workouts. thank you!
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I enjoyed each and every video of this series! It’s nice that they all have a different focus. And I find myself returning to them. Thanks for the inspiraton!
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Loved all of these classes! So much goodness in 30 mins. Thanks Gia x
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! I'm so glad that all of you enjoyed this series! 
I have loved this series. Just the right length to commit to at the end of the day. Some nice challenges, but no impossibles! Thank you Gia - like the others, I would love to have more. Maybe chair or tower next?
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