Build On Your Practice
Maria Leone
Class 4342

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I'm catching up so I can get back in order for the rest of this live event. This was great! I feel great now even though I stumbled through a few things during! Thank you Maria!! 
Wow wee! What a class! I’m doing that one again. Thank you x
Maria! Love the integration of yoga and utilizing every corner of the mat!
So much fun! The movement around the mat was great for getting body and mind involved!
Some nice ideas in this class.  It would have felt better at a slower speed.  With so much yoga thrown in you might have considered a proper relaxation at the end.  Thanks anyway
nice flow !! enjoy the dynamic class :)
This class changes compass direction on the mat nicely and has more of of the closed chain and upper body support positioning of yoga.  I am a big fan of "knee hovers" with hands and balls of feet into the mat.  But I could have used more direction in the lateral  crawl in this position.  Were we moving hand and foot simultaneously or foot and then hand?
Thank you for the class!
Loved the mix of different disciplines in this class.  I think though my crow is definitely a work in progress!
after 2 weeks of not doing Pilates that was a good resume. such a great class. Thank you Maria Leone 
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