Calming Nerves<br>James Crader<br>Class 4423

Calming Nerves
James Crader
Class 4423

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Clare G
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I really enjoyed this class, Thank you 
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This is a wonderful class! Thank you so much! 
Lina S
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A liberating practice. I'm interested to learn more about how to integrate the nervous system in my teaching and my own practice. Thank you.
Margo W
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I had a great time. Came to it tired but ended up feeling energized. I felt l I can trust my body with whatever it does, without judgment or disappointment.  I'll be back for sure. 
Laura Maria
Loved the freedom! in the falling exercises found myself rolling about the floor in a sloppy feel-good dance ...wonderful...thanks!
Jennifer E
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That class was awesome! Thank you so much! Excited for the next one!
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A heartfelt thank you James! That was a truly great class. Am looking forward to the next 7 & the journey that you will take us on. 
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.....lots to talk about.....;-D
Wendy K
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Really fun class!  so nice not to have to think and focus on all the details!!
Clare G Thank you so much .... glad you enjoyed your time with me. 

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