Calming Nerves
James Crader
Class 4423

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Thank you James Crader , what an enjoyable way to start my day and my week. I can't believe I "exercised" for 50 minutes. It was fun and enjoyable and my whole body feels loose and woken up.
Sue S Thank you so much!! I'm glad your body liked it as much as you did. HA!
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Thank you what a beautiful class and exploration of movement, so many great take aways, not least the sense of gratitude you finish with.
Karen D I appreciate that!!
Was feeling extremely anxious this morning soI came back to this class. I only had time to do half but I feel so much more grounded.
Amazing class! So refreshing to play with the movement freely
lovely class gave me so many ideas on how to continue
James, this was great! I especially loved the part where we moved our shoulders around while lying on the belly.  I have chronic tension/pain in my upper back and shoulders and this felt inexplicably great to me.  I will use this! Thank you!
Also, how refreshing to be temporarily liberated from the idea that allowing your body to move as it wishes during certain "exercises" is bad or wrong or weak.  So nice to just let your body do what it wants and to celebrate that!
Loved your class, James. Felt like a child, playing and rediscovering my body and its possibilities. Planning to take your whole program for more self-exploration. Thank you!
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