Pelvic Precision<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 4425

Pelvic Precision
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 4425

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Thank you Rachel this was a wonderful class I loved your cues , explanations and encouragement x
Cynthia G
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Thank you for your clear precise informative and for me challenging class.  So much to think about.  The little changes made the exercises do-able for my old body.  Brain and body worked.  Thank you Rachael and PA for the privilege of working out with you.
Your comments make me so happy that my teaching  gave you such value! I hope you enjoy the class again and again.  Rachel 
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I love your detail Rachel :)
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Nice class. I wore 5 lb leg weights which worked for me. I had fun with everything including roll up to standing.  Thanks Rachel and Sherena:) 
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Missed this one live but caught up today--still working on coming to a stand and spreading the site bones. Thanks
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Very empowering! Love your bringing my attention to each toe ball of the foot. Very potent to my pelvic balance & power . Thank you Rachel. This is a wonderful class x
Rhiannon W
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I found the doming of the feet tough to maintain throughout the class but a great focus and really enjoyed focusing so much on the pelvis, especially the 'prep' for the side kicks. Felt that in the glutes! Thank you :)
Love the cue b4 seal & swimming!  thanks rachel!
Florence P
Thank you Rachel for your wonderful cues as always!
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