Unilateral Progression<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4444

Unilateral Progression
Amy Havens
Class 4444

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I so appreciate the level of detail you are giving us Amy.  It’s very helpful.  My plan is to keep cycling through these classes, right now I’m sticking with the first one for a few weeks at least.   Can’t thank you enough for filming them!
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Was the best surprise to wake up to a new chair class with you.  Thank you for these clear instructions and somatic cues, the step up was incredible.
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Hi Amy,  I really enjoyed this class! And I can definitely feel the work after paying attention to my body and my breath. Until next week, I will go back to your older chair classes on PA to lean some more from you.
I would love to see a spine corrector class with you, those are my favorite!
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Great Class! Thank you Amy! I was missing a good wound chair session 
Annie G
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Thank you so so much Amy!!! I love the details. I’m going to repeat the previous and this class few times before I am moving on. I haven’t had the chance to practice chair in a very long time and I forgot a lot 
Camila B
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Awesome class and perfect cueing!
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Thank you Amy for a wonderful class, profound, gentle yet challenging, and connecting parts to a hole amazing workout. 
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This was wonderful. Thank you 

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I really loved this class. Perfect movements. Thank you
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Thank you Amy!   I’ve completed the two classes in the series.   Your instruction is clear, understandable and doable.   I do hope there will be more classes in the series as I’m learning a lot and would like the progression to continue.   Thanks again!
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