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Rael Isacowitz
Workshop 447

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I am reading your book, Pilates Anatomy, which I love and now this class. Completely a joy to read and watch. You make it sound and look simple!
I am grateful to have discovered your book and Pilates Anytime!
Thank you!
Emma, thank you for reading the book and taking this class. Enjoy!
Wonderful. Thank you Rael
Carly, I appreciate your comment, thank you!
Such a fantastic workshop! Thank you Rael and PilatesAnytime! Just what I needed to complement reading your Pilates Anatomy book. Great prep for the start of my BASI Comprehensive Global training next week (in Paris!)
Kristin, thank you for your comment and GOOD LUCK with your BASI training! I am so excited to welcome you to the BASI global family.
Who manufactures the long box with the rounded edges?
Delia, I designed that box many years ago. Both BASI Systems and Balanced Body manufacture it.
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