Foam Roller of Instability<br>Alexandra Bohlinger<br>Class 4478

Foam Roller of Instability
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4478

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Alexandra is now on my dais of challenging teachers. She shares that dais with other P. A. Teachers like Courtney Miller, Tracey Mallet, & Tash Barnard.  I always like a fun, challenging, lengthening class and this one did it for me:) I used 3 lb weights (because I don't have the 2 lbs she used). I added 5 lb leg weights for most, but not all, of the class. i normally wear the weights for a whole class but this class was a little too hard to keep them on the whole time.  One cool thing  about Alexandra, besides her amazing classes, is that she and my daughter in law look like they could be sisters.  Thanks Again Alexandra:) 
Jennifer E
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Love this class! Fun use of the foam roller! Thank you so much!
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Wow such fun thank you!!
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Loved it!!
Laura B
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creative and inspirational. thank you Alexandra.
Kimberley D
Wow, that was a challenge after 10 days off my mat, but I loved it. Great use of foam roller and lots of new stuff that i've not tried on the roller. Great instruction, which is needed so you don't twist your neck too much. Thank-you. 
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed that class. It was fun!
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Grabbed my weights on one of the  roll ups and surprise surprise it  was smoother than using my hands to hold my thighs!!    I had a double  cervical laminectomy after  accident in 1995 and my affected vertebrae are joined together into a single unit via a bone graft (from my hip) and a titanium rod and screws. I had a bionic recovery and no residual problems except for one.  My neck fatiques SOOOO quickly when we are asked to elevate our head!  When on the mat I simply use my hands behind my head but that is hardly practical on the foam roller!  Suggestions?
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Really enjoyable.  Thank you!
Laurie C
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Wow wonderful and challenging! Thank you so much for incorporating the foam roller. Made it so much more challenging with the element of balance control! I can’t imagine what the level 3 looks like. Hope you will be a level 3 to PA. Thank you!,🙌🌈💕
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