Sublime Symmetry
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4480

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This class majors in strength and balance. That's great for me because flexibility is my issue. Class is not easy but I found it very doable. I cannot rollup on a roller without wearing 5 lb leg weights and keeping my legs straight. I kept weights on for the entire class which worked for me. I had fun & got a good workout. Thanks to Misty Lynne I am also more dignified and graceful:) 
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Fantastic class Misty Lynne. I loved what the roller brought to the exercises, especially open leg rocker which is always hard for me.
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Fantastic class.  There a those who want a roller class for pelvic release and stretch deepening.  Then there are those who want the unique strength discovery you can find on the roller.  This class is for those who want to meet a roller challenge.  Come to class with concentration and your sense of humor.  Be willing to roll off to get the idea and then try again.  Loved it.  Went back and tried a few again with the harder variation.
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Gary, tried your leg weights suggestion for the roll up only.  Nice assist.  Then went back to trying without.  Gave me some insight.
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Wonderful class Misty Lynne. Time went by so quickly! For sure, you can't help but feel the connection with the foam roller. Thank you again!
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Beautiful class, thanks again!
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Great class! Challenging, creative and safe use of the reformer .  I remember to "roll my armpits forward" and always land "with dignity and grace" ha-ha. BTW Misty Linn has a striking resemblance with M. Obama ( in her best shape of course, no pun intended lol).
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Wonderful class. Foam rollers vary in softness/ lightness and a little in length which can make the excercises easier or more challenging depending on what you are using. Challenging but really enjoyable.
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What a great class! Focus on STRENGTH & BALANCE. Slow-ish pace, but still challenging - a good level 2. Very good cues and wonderful energy from Misty (she is quite funny and had me giggling once or twice). Went straight into my Favourite Classes! Thank you, Misty-Lynne!
Gary M Well Gary, I knew you were graceful and dignified - no doubt in my mind! And practice (and patience!) makes perfect on the variations. Glad you revisited them successfully!
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