Sublime Symmetry
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4480

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Susannah R Open Leg Rocker with the roller is a total bugger... but it's a great tattler - I know exactly what went wrong almost immediately when it doesn't go my way, and that always steers me toward what needs refinement. Thank you for watching!
Allison O whooHOO! And the sense of humor is REQUIRED! I like what you did with the ankle weights--they provide great information, right? Our friend @garym is definitely onto something!
Lina S You're welcome - thank YOU for watching!

Maria P One day my biceps will be worthy of the comparison to Michelle Obama! Thanks for watching, and the compliment too!
Sharon C Indeed, the rollers can vary in density, and that makes a huge difference in the work! For a work out like this one, I generally recommend a medium density roller, or hard if that's all that is available. The soft may not provide enough feedback. That said, I say try them all!
Laurence F Thank YOU!
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Really enjoyed the class, lots of challenges. Love your imagery, the rusty pole and white shirt worked well!
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Great class. Thank you. I love your cueing and imaginary for more and deep connection.
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Thank you Misty for this lovely class! The elephant on the roller was fun and new! Noticed all my a-symmetries during the class but felt more symmetrical by the end :) 
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This was my first class with you and LOVED it.
Your commentary kept me entertained and the program kept me challenged and bumble. Thank you! 
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