Boost Your Endorphins<br>Jamie Isaac<br>Class 4525

Boost Your Endorphins
Jamie Isaac
Class 4525

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Jennifer L
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This class cut off a little short for me! Really loving this Series so far, though!
Brenna C
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Love the class...thanks
Jamie Isaac
Jennifer L Glad you're enjoying the series! 
Jamie Isaac
Brenna C Thank you! I hope you have fun in the rest of the challenge.
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Loved it, felt really invigorated after the class! I'm loving the format of the challenge and the repetition of some of the exercises I often skip past. Pushing me to feel each move and start to love the ones I like least.
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Just what I needed!  Thanks for the challenges. 
Fabienne R
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I love the series and this class especially ! I feel "expanded" and balanced :
Jane B
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Always struggled with Neck Pull; thanks for allowing me to get the benefit but to miss out the tricky bit!!
Patricia C
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As always , great class ... getting there🌻
Michael Mary S
Love your cueing and tips.  Very challenging.  Thanks for your advice to be happy with what you can do and not centering on what you can't do!
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