Quad Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4540

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Hello Neidra ! I have been a Yamuna practitioner for over 10 years and they are a foundation of my Pilates and Viniyoga practice - I am so excited you are bringing this series to PA - thank you and wonderful quad tutorial ! Emily Bondy 
Niedra ! This is a game changer for me ! I have had pain in my right  quad for years now which I think has caused a slight rotation in my pelvis.. Anyway I feel phenomianal after this one session and am so grateful for this information.. Blessings to you and welcome back !!!
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Loved it ! I feel energized 👍
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Thank you so much, I have pain in my right hip and when I was using the ball I was so pleased that I felt the tension release a bit.  I'm going to keep doing these release exercises and looking forward to more help.
Thanks again
Gayle SElaine,Deborah Wasko and Emily B Thank you all for your comments, I hope this work brings a huge enhancement to your understanding and ability in taking care of your bodies.  
Niedra Gabriel  Hello Niedra Thankyou for this class how often do you recommend to do please. Regards Shelly
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HI Niedra, love this class, and series. Big Hug !
Shelly M Good question, you can do body rolling every day, it is the opposite of working out, you are taking tension out of the tissue, not loading it. If I find parts of my body that are very tender, I like to repeat the work over the next few days to ease the long term patterns out.  Hand in hand with this,  some people find they are slightly achy after the work so those people I recommend a break. Listen to your body and feel into your own body wisdom, you will find your way.
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They have been very helpful. I’d like one to help w/knee issues.

Margaret B htankyou for your comment, we will keep your request in mind for future videos, this will be a growing library of routines.
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